Sunny Neji returns with Aeroplane Turner


Sunny Neji returns with Aeroplane Turner

Ikebe Man and Mr. Fantastic crooner, Sunny Neji is back with a hot new single entitled, Aeroplane Turner, and according to insiders, the song describes the current situation in the country and the world in general.

“It inspires hope and confidence in his fans, to Nigerians and to the world at large. The message is that no matter the height a plane takes in flying and staying up, it would surely come down one day as nothing stays the same forever.

“The recession’s bite would soon come to an end and I am advising Nigerians to take courage and have hope despite the difficult economic state of the nation. My fans should watch out!” Sunny Neji stated, adding that Aeroplane Turner would be released online this weekend and it would hit radio and TV stations shortly afterwards.

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