Nigerians to showcase cultural heritage at Canada’s 150th independence


The spirit of showcasing the cultural tourism potentialities of Nigeria on the global platform is reigning high among Nigeriams in Diaspora as Nigeria – Canadian Association  is  conjunction with OZ Consulting is finalising arrangements of dazzling the Canadians with awesome cultural heritage festival at its 150th  independence ceremony slated for July.

According to Peju Oke, an official of Nigeria – Canadian Association “we are set to blow the mind of every Canadian with their guests during the celebration of their 150th Independence ceremony. We as responsible Nigerians domiciled in this country owe it a duty to add value of importance to the celebration of the essence of a country which has offered us so much.”

She pointed out “we don’t just want to be part of the crowd going by the relationship between Nigeria and Canada, both Commonwealth members, we want to showcase and flaunt our cultural heritage in Canada for Canadians and their friends and the world to appreciate why we are who we are in Nigeria”.

Mrs Oke revealed that “we also want to use the event to further deepen and lubricate the existing relationship with Canada and connect other Nigerians domiciled in Canada to their roots and cultural values and ethics”.

She revealed “We are showcasing the best of cultural heritage, music, dance, chants and songs, mode of dressing and ethics of the nation in the grandest form ever done in Canada. We are showing the world the good part of Nigeria. We are going to showcase why Canadians should scramble to Nigeria during holidays and winter.”

Mrs Oke pointed out that ‘we have made all arrangements here to near perfection. We are working with the Canadian Government which is not only enthusiastic about it but rendering all necessary support for the programme”

She further explained “As we are tying all the nuts here in Canada, the Nigerian – Canadian Association will be sending a delegation to Nigeria not only to create awareness about the festival, but interact with the distinguished and eminent Nigerians who are being expected by the Canadian government”. We are not leaving any stone unturned at seeing that we Nigerians in Canada make Nigeria proud at the Canada’s 150th Independence ceremony”.


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