NCC to enact Internet Industry Code of Practice


NCC to enact Internet Industry Code of Practice

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said it would set up the Internet Industry Code of Practice to protect the right and interest of consumers.

The commission made this known in a statement issue, on Friday, in Lagos, that the Internet Code of Practice was to endure a safer and vibrant internet industry.

NCC said that the establishment of the code was part of its Internet Governance functions.

”NCC hereby invites all affected and interested parties as well as the general public to a stakeholders consultation on the Established Of Internet Industry Code of Practice.

”As part of its Internet Governance functions; the NCC seeks inputs from stakeholders in the development of a code of practice in support of an open internet,” it said.

The commission said that it favoured a multi-stakeholder model of engagement in the process of policy development for Internet governance.

According to the regulatory body, the proposed Code of Practice seeks to protect the right and interest of internet service providers and consumers.

”The code seeks to provide jointly agreed and effective solutions to the issues of discriminatory traffic management practices.

”It will ensure that adequate safeguards are put in place by service providers against abuses such as unsolicited messages.

”The code will outline the obligations of service providers, in relation to offensive and potentially harmful content for minors and vulnerable audiences.

”It will also promote the safe; secure and responsible use of internet services with due regard to provisions in existing legal instruments.

”The code seeks to establish best practices for Internet Governance in Nigeria, in line with emerging issues and global trends,” the commission said.

The telecommunications umpire said that the proposed code would provide transparent rules for the assessment and classification of internet content.

NCC said that it would increase stakeholders’ satisfaction through improved consumer experience online.

According to the commission, extensive consultation of stakeholders is crucial to the success of the enactment of the code.

NCC, therefore, called on stakeholders to submit their input in form of comments, concerns, feedback and suggestions to the Online Public Consultation Portal at-

”Input submitted via this facility will be taken into consideration in the drafting of the Internet Industry Code of Conduct.

”A draft of the code will be made available to stakeholders for feedback and change requests when ready.

”Stakeholders will be invited to a presentation of the draft at a special Stakeholders Consultation Workshop, where they will be expected to critique and suggest improvements to the draft.

”Stakeholders will also be able to submit their critiques and suggestions via the portal, up until the final draft of the code is produced.

”Feedback received from key stakeholders via the portal as well as during the workshop will be factored into the transitioning of the draft into the final code of practice.

”The Online Public Consultation Portal will be active until June 23, ” the commission said. (NAN)

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