Hit gold manufacturing paper bag carriers


Hit gold manufacturing paper bag carriers

by Bimbola Oyesola

One profitable ventures that will stand the test of time is the paper carry bags manufacturing in different shapes and sizes. Paper carry bags are common packaging materials and there’s so much money to be made in the production.
Paper carry bags are widely used in all types of trade. Some of the majors are textile shops, bakeries, shoe shops, grocery shops, fancy shops, laundry shops, bookshops, sweet shops, stationery shops, hardware shops, all departmental shops and consumer shops. In Nigeria today, paper bags are equally widely used as souvenirs at weddings, naming ceremonies, burials and other social engagements thereby increasing the demand for the product.
There are paper carry bags that can hold up to 20kg of weight without getting torn. Bags that are made of paper material called sack-kraft can withstand such weight. Paper carry bags can compete with any kind of plastic bag in terms of all features and can cater to any kind of conceivable end-use. Paper bags making process is simple and does not require any complex technology. According to the demand and production projection, the initiative can be taken as small scale manufacturing operation.
Many governments today, especially in the developed world, are increasingly becoming environment-sensitive and at least project themselves to be so, hence encouraging more usage of paper carry bags than polythene.
Big businesses too want to be seen as eco-friendly. With more countries also championing the course of the climate change, Nigeria also may soon have a thought of joining the league of countries favourably disposed towards paper bag taking over polythene.
The eco-friendly paper bag manufacturing industry is therefore poised for a higher growth with a bright future. So if you are interested in starting a paper bag production company, then give it a shot!
Most popular and high demand paper bags sizes include:
Size in inches        Sizes in cms
4.25X 6                       11X15
5.25X7.5                     13X19
6.75X8.5                     17X22
8.25X10                      21X25
9.75X12.75                 25X34
10.5X16                      25X34

Getting ahead in the business, however, entails some basic steps, which are:
There is need to know that going into any business demands determination to succeed. Nothing good comes easy, except through dint of hard work and perseverance. Hence you will have to be mentally prepared to take whatever comes, with respect to financial, operational and people’s problems.
A feasibility study is very important as it gives you an insight into what you intend venturing into. Your feasibility report should provide details about who your customers are, your competitors, your market size, demography, production process analysis, manpower analysis and risk sensitivity. You need to get around supermarkets and other establishments in your area to discover those that may need your service. Feasibility research helps to determine if your city is a potential market.
Business plan
Without beating around the bush, a solid business plan is invaluable when starting your business. It may also become essential when you want to raise capital for expansion. Who are your target prospects? How much would you need to kick-start your paper carry bag business? These must be included in your business plan. Come up with ideas that will make your business more solid. Write a business plan and get started!
Business registration
This entails giving your paper bag company an identity. It is important therefore that you register with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The CAC has branches in almost every state of the federation. It’s essential that you register your business name or company before you begin operations to avoid problems with the law. In recent times, the CAC has updated its services in a bid to make processing of applications faster.
As any manufacturing business, paper bags making business requires two types of capital investment – fixed capital investment and working capital investment. The fixed capital investment includes land, building and machinery. Either you can satisfy all the investment from your own fund or you can apply for loan.
The working capital investment includes manpower cost, raw material cost, rent and other day to day operational cost. You can also apply for working capital loan as overdraft or cash credit facility from your nearby banks or any financial institution.
Location for production
The location of your company is essential. It is one of the important factors of production, so you must ensure that it is located where you can easily get across to your clients or on the other hand, where your customers can locate you easily. Ensure that it is easily accessible by transport systems.
Production process of paper carry bags
Paper carry bags’ manufacturing process depends upon the volume and weight of the products to be carried.  Accordingly, you need to use various kinds of papers with different GSM’s and bursting strengths. Steps are following: Cutting paper into proper size with cutting machine; printing the paper as per need; making bags by automatic bag making machine by folding, pasting and shearing; punching; eyelet fitting and lace fitting.
Paper sheets 40’ x 60’, 18,000 sheets; paper in roll colours and white 500 reams; printing ink, chemicals, etc; packaging consumable, etc.
You can go by either semi-automatic or fully-automatic process according to your required production output and budget. In addition, you can operate the manufacturing business with four to five skilled and experienced manpower.
The major machinery required for paper carry bags are automatic paper bag making machine; creasing machine; cutting machine; miscellaneous tools and equipment.
The production could be quite enormous and management intensive. So you need to get more hands to make the production seamless, more so, if you need to deliver on schedule, which is very important to expansion of the business.
Avoid clustering
Many businesses fail to grow because a lot of entrepreneurs like to get involved in so many things at a time. Take your time to grow a business before going into another; build that, then move on to another. If you are planning to start a paper bag business, then you must take your time growing it. Don’t diversify. It could alter the growth of your business.
Marketing is also essential to grow the business. Nigeria with its population is a haven to make it in paper bag production business. So the potential abounds to build a multi-million naira paper packaging industry.

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