Every Thing To Know About The Notorious Ikorodu Cult Group


The recent attacks carried out by notorious cult group, Badoo on Ikorodu residents have increased lately. The gang is infamous for smashing their victims to death with a mortar as highlighted by the murder of a family of five.

The life of a minister with the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry (MFM), Pastor Olawale (Solomon) is hanging in balance after Badoo broke his head with a mortar.

It has also been reported that the badoo members rape their female victims before killing them.

[GRAPHIC PHOTOS] Anger As Badoo Cult Group Murders Family Of Five Including A Pregnant Woman In Ikorodu

Over the past two weeks, there have been about three attacks carried out by the dreaded group with the most recent being the killing a family of five- a man, his wife and their three children.

Just yesterday, June 29, traditional priests in the area declared war on the cult group after it held an emergency meeting to find a solution to the killings which are suspected to be for rituals.

[GRAPHIC PHOTOS] Badoo Strikes Again, Murders Family Of Five In Cold Blood

Below are a few facts you should know by the group;

1.) Badoo gang started in July 2016 and their first operation was in  Ibeshe, Ikorodu.

2.) They operate mainly in the Ikorodu area of Lagos.

3.) Homes located in secluded areas are usually their targets. This is so because when their victims scream for help no one can hear them.

4.) They are not thieves. The popular theory is that they are ritualists. When they attack they take certain body parts of their victims and wipe away the blood.

5.) It is believed that the traditional rulers in Ikorodu are behind Badoo gang. When some of the gang members are caught, it is said that certain influential people orchestrate their release.

6.) Their weapons of choice are bricks and mortars which they use to smash the skulls of their victims.

7.) A suspected Badoo member was recently burnt to death in Aga, Ikorodu.

8.) The Nigerian Police Force has yet to come up with a plan to stop Badoo.

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